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El Jorullo

El Jorullo

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El Jorullo was founded in 1940 with 180 inhabitants and 157 ejidatarios and it belongs to the Association of Foresters North Coast Jalisco. It is mainly dedicated to the cultivation of various seeds, who are planted through a method that inhabitants adapted to the mountainous area -these seeds are distributed in Puerto Vallarta and its surroundings.

Crafting is another main activity of this community, they use wood and skins to produce from centerpieces to figures carved in different materials and clothing accessories. The third main activity is tourism, as the area offers an impressive variety of natural settings; the contrast between the mountains and the beach is of great impact for local and international tourists, making this ejido a unique jewel in Mexico. KNOW MORE


We are a united cooperative, solid and sustainable, with a team of collaborators qualified and commited, we conserve and protect our ecosystem, dedicated to create new experiences for our visitors accomplishing for them to live the best moment of their lives, waking up the greatest emotions in spiritual communion with nature, in a paradise, natural environment, that motivates the great and secure adventure exceeding their expectations.


Our vision is to be a company to follow in the ecotourist range recognized national and internationaly. Always growing strong and united, generating jobs and contributing with our community, accomplishing our dreams with the highest standars and quality in the innovation of our activities, positioning ourselves in our visitors mind.

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