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Q: What is the difference between a single atv and a doublé atv?
A: The single atv is for one person and the doublé atv is for two people on one atv.

Q: How is the route for the atv tour?
A: You drive on a dirt road for 1 hour and a half and end up in a waterfall where you have the option of swimming in the river.

Q: Should I take extra clothes?
A: For the river expedition and atv tour we do recommend to take extra clothes because it’s very possible you end up wet and dusty.

Q: What articles can I take to the atv tour?
A: You can take any article you like as long as you don’t try to take them out during the tour because they can fall or get damaged.

Q: What articles can i take for the zipline tour?
A: The only article we permit is the Gopro camera as long as you have it on your helmet or on your chest, it’s very possible for any other object to fall o get lost.

Q: How can I make a reservation for a tour?
A: To make a reservation you can call directly to our office <strong>222 0506 and 222 0860, online or your travel agency</strong>

Q: Can I do the zip line tour without the mule ride?
A: You would have to do the zipline tour that has 8 lines to avoid the mule ride.

Q: Are there many mosquitos?
A: To prevent mosquito bites we recommend mosquito repellent.

Q: Can I use glasses?
A: We only permit prescription glasses.

Q: Is it safe? ¿Has anyone ever fallen?
A: It is very safe no one has ever fallen from a zipline at canopy river.

Q: Do you have restrooms in your facility?
A: Yes we do have restrooms.

Q: Would i have time to eat before the tour?
A: Once you get to our instalation we prepare you or the tour, we recomend to eat after the tour.

Q: Where can I leave my things? ¿Does it cost extra?
A: We have lockers and it does not have an extra cost.

Q: If i get scared can i leave the activity? ¿ will I get a refund?
A: If toyou get scared you can leave the activity and you do not get a refund.

Q: If my child is afraid can we zipline together?
A: Yes, as long as that point is permitted for us and this is a drop o point to another client. <br /> Consult with concierge before leaving our installations.

Q: Can you leave me in a different point even if I didn’t get the transportation there?
A: Si, siempre y cuando sea en un punto permitido y éste sea un punto de regreso de otros clientes. Consultale con el concierge antes de salir de las instalaciones

Q: Do you have animalon display?
A: We do not have animals in captivity, with luck you might see deeers, coatis, wild boars, chachalacas, parrots or macaws.